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Acqua Panna - 12 x 750ml
Allessia Artichoke Bruschetta

Allessia Artichoke Bruschetta Spread - 314mL - is the perfect combination to your toasted bread and bread sticks to accompany your beautiful charcuterie board for the evening!

Allessia Balsamic Vinegar - 500ml
Allessia Piquillo Pepper Bruschetta
Allessia Roasted Piquillo Peppers
Allessia Sea Salt Shaker
Allessia Sundried Cherry Tomatoes
Almonds - Milk Chocolate Covered - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Premium Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds

Almonds - Raw Unblanched - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Available in a 1 lb package

Aurora - Italian Style Bread Crumbs
Bartolini - Farmers soup
Bartolini - Quick Cooking Soup
Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Flour - 624g
Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour - 453g
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Brownie Mix - 595g
Our Gluten Free Brownie Mix makes moist, indulgent brownies with a deliciously rich chocolate flavor and wonderfully fudgy texture. Made with our unique gluten free flour blend and high quality cocoa powder.
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix - 680g
Gluten Free Pancake Mix makes light and fluffy flapjacks that raise the standard of how good gluten free foods can be—we call it Gluten Freedom®. Made with a unique blend of gluten free ingredients, including whole grain stone ground sorghum flour and brown rice flour.

Cashews - Roasted - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Available in a 1 lb package

Cirio - Borlotti
Colacchio - Ciabatte Integrale
Delverde - Acini de Pepe (450g)
Delverde Tagliatelle Nest (250g)
Extreme Bean - Garlic and Dill - 500ml
Gigi Italian Antipasto - 580ml
Niasca Orange Marmalade
Paese Mio - Pappardelle Egg Nests (250g)
Paese Mio - Tagliatelle Egg Nests (250g)
Pantanella Spelt Pasta - Linguine
Pantanella Spelt Pasta - Rigatoni
Perugina Dark Chocolate 51%
A masterpiece dark chocolate in which the assertive aroma of cacao meets its fruity notes for a rich intense taste. This gluten-free, velvety-smooth chocolate is the cure for your need to indulge and can also be used to whip up a delicious sweet recipe created by Perugina®.
Pistachios - Black Pepper and Sea Salt - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Premium pistachios with black pepper and sea salt.


Available in 1lb bags

Pistachios - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Available in a 1 lb package

Ponti Balsamic 3 Year
Ponti White Wine Vinegar
San Pellegrino - Carbonated Water 12 x 750ml
Sierra Mix - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Available in 1lb bags

St Dalfour - Black Currant - 250ml

The full-bodied, tart taste of cassis with a robust texture.
Pairs well with oatmeal, cream cheese and muesli.

All Natural Ingredients: Black currants, fruit juice concentrates (grape, date and pineapple), fruit pectin.

St. Dalfour - Four Fruits - 225ml

Perfectly balanced with lush notes of cherries, red raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

Pairs well with waffles, vanilla yogurt and English muffins.

All Natural Ingredients: Strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, black cherries, fruit juice concentrates (grape, date and pineapple), fruit pectin, lemon juice.

Walnuts - Halves and Pieces - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Available in a 1 lb package

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