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Cirio - Passata Rustica (Crushed)

CIRIO Rustica sieved tomatoes boast an unmistakable consistency, texture and body to bring a thick, textured Passata that you can literally pick up with a fork. Our finest quality tomatoes are picked at their ripest and passed through a sieve with large holes to create an authentic Italian Passata just like a traditional homemade recipes that burst with the taste of fresh tomatoes! It’s the original and the best!




Glass Bottle

Cirio - Passata Tomatoes (Strained)
CIRIO’s unique experience and expertise has resulted in the finest Italian Passata. Perfectly smooth and velvety with a sweet, delicate flavour, our round tomatoes are peeled and passed through a fine sieve to produce a creamy Passata that will enhance the taste of your dishes.
Cirio - Tomato Fillets - 398ml
CIRIO’s famous plum tomatoes are delicately peeled, sliced into wedges and immersed in a rich yet delicate juice that oozes the aromas and taste of Italy. To preserve their texture and just-picked taste, our fillets are prepared and canned quickly so they are maintained in perfect condition!
Clemente Taralli
Colacchio - Ciabatte Integrale
Condorelli Torrone - Torroncini Bag
Cutrera Segretto - DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml
De Cecco - Acini de Pepe
De Cecco - Bucatini
De Cecco - Farfalle
De Cecco - Fusilli
De Cecco - Linguine
De Cecco - Orecchiette
De Cecco - Parpardelle U'ovo
De Cecco - Penne Rigate
De Cecco - Rigatoni
De Cecco - Spaghetti
De Cecco - Spaghettini
De Cecco-Tubetti
Dorset Cereal - Really Nutty Muesli - 560g
Dried Apricots - Go Nutz - 1 lb
Available in 1lb bags.
Extreme Bean - Garlic and Dill - 500ml
Extreme Bean - Hot and Spicy - 500ml
Fino Ajvar - Hot
Forno Bonomi - Amaretti 200g

Amaretti refer to an amaretto (almond flavored) macaron style biscuit that is traditional to Saronno, a comune of Lombardy. It is one of many types of traditional amaretto biscuits.

Great small snack served with coffee.


Contains: Eggs



Forno Bonomi - Savoiardi (Ladyfingers) 400g

Traditional Italian Style Ladyfingers

Enjoy alone, with coffee, or use in tiramisu


Contains: Wheat, Eggs. May contain traces of soy.

Gigi Grilled Artichokes - 580ml
Gigi Italian Antipasto - 580ml
Gigi Organic Acacia Honey - 375g
Gigi Pitted Calabrese Olives - 580ml
Gioia Almond Biscotti - Ceramic Jar
Harvest Mix - Assorted Nuts and Fruit - Go Nutz - 1 lb

Available in 1 lb bags

La Veneziane Cookies
Loacker Quadratini - 250g
Loacker Wafer - 175g
Mangiatorella - Natural Spring Water - 12 x 500ml
Mangiatorella - Natural Spring Water - 6x1.5L
McClean Meats - Beef Jerky
No Preservatives Added
No Nitrites or Nitrites from Celery Extracts
No Antibiotics
No Gluten
No Dairy
No Soy
Canadian Farms
    Mulino Bianco - Baiocchi
    Mulino Bianco - Girotondi
    Mulino Bianco - Pavesini Plain
    Mutti - Cherry Tomatoes - 398ml

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